2014 – A Summary

While it’s been a shamefully long time since my last update here, at least its not been a year since my previous post like last time! 2014 has turned into quite an eventful year for me, I passed my viva for my PhD at the University of St Andrews and had the privilege of going out to Sarasota in Florida to work with the Mote Marine Lab on the resident bottlenose dolphin’s in Sarasota Bay. I had a fantastic time and got to see so many amazing things, wild manatees for the first time and lots of ospreys, they are everywhere in Florida! Coming from the UK where they are so scarce, I was amazed whenever I saw one, and I got to see them fishing and a nest full of chicks on a ‘no wake’ sign!

Wild manatees! Amazing!

Since I came back I’ve been busy with me post doctoral work and moving. So not many trips to the zoo for me this year, and as my PhD work has finished I didn’t get to go out to one of the grey seal breeding colonies this autumn, for the first time in 6 years! so that was very strange, I miss the colonies and seeing all the familiar mothers and their new pups very much. I’ve actually taken more photos of people this year, having photographed my first wedding for some friends and taking lots of shots of my rapidly growing nephew. Hopefully next year I’ll be back to taking lots of animal shots where I belong!

I’m hoping to get a trip to Edinburgh zoo in before the end of the year, but I’ve also put a bunch of my shots from the last three years up on the site under three new galleries, equines, pets and farmyard animals. I love photographing horses, one of the few things I did get to do this summer was pay a visit to the New Forest National Park in the south of England to photograph the ponies there, had an amazing time! I used to take lots of shots of suffolk punches when I lived in Suffolk too, they are an amazing heavy horse breed. In the ‘pets’ section, I’ve got plenty of photos of my own family’s dogs and some that belong to a friend. For some reason its full up of border collies so I should really try and get out and get some different dog breeds!

With poines and cattle free roaming throughout the forest and towns, the new forest national park is a special (and never boring) place!

The only thing left to say is that if you like my photos and live in fife, I actually have some mounted prints going on sale in december! There is an arts fair at the St Andrews Preservation Trust Museum on North Street from the 29th November until the 7th December, and there looks like there are lots of lovely things from paintings to ceramics to come and see and buy. So if you like my photos and would like one to have in your home, stop by and have a look! If you can’t make it to the fair but would still like a mounted print of one of my shots, then just get in touch with me using my email on the ‘contact me’ part of the website and we can sort something out now I know how to get them made!

Happy holidays incase I don’t update before Christmas, but hopefully I’ll be back with an update before the new year!